INC000100664169 - P3 - Single Exchange - SMCSH - CHESHAM - Loss of data services - Cable link down


Current Status:Closed
We identified an issue that impacted customer connectivity. Services have now recovered.

Some customers connected to Chesham may have experienced a brief loss of data services due to a cable link flap.


Chesham - SMCSH

Service and customer volumes:


We understand the impact this may have caused and appreciate your patience and understanding.

Work Log Submit Date : 11/02/2024 01:27:53

We're happy to report that service has been restored.
Services have been restored following an Openreach cablelink dropping

We'll continue to monitor the impacted services and reopen the incident if there are further issues.

WorkLog Submit Date : 11/02/2024 01:29:51

Start date:01:35 11th Feb 2024
End date:01:35 11th Feb 2024