INC000100664334 - P3 - Single Exchange - WSPAI - Paisley - Total Loss of Service - Unable to connect


Current Status:Closed
Priority: P3

Initial Message:

We've identified an issue impacting customer connectivity.

Locations impacted:

WSPAI - Paisley

Service and customer volumes impacted:


Below is a summary of our initial findings and next steps:

We have lost communication with our switch, causing a loss of service for some Ethernet Customers.

We understand the impact this may have caused and appreciate your patience and understanding

Latest Update:

An engineer has been assigned to attend the Exchange and a replacement switch has been ordered.

We'll continue to keep you informed and updated on any further developments.

Next Update Due:

09/02/2024 19:30:00

We're happy to report that service has remained stable and we'll now close this incident.

Work Log Submit Date : 09/02/2024 17:59:41
Start date:17:35 9th Feb 2024
End date:18:48 11th Feb 2024