INC000100663826- Single Exchange - SDPCNTC - Portsmouth -Loss of voice and data - Switch reload


Current Status:Closed
We've been requested by our engineering teams to reload a switch which will be impacting customer connectivity.

The reload will impact customers service in SDPCNTC - Portsmouth. We're currently working through the impact and issue and will look to provide more detail as soon as we have it.

We'll keep you informed and updated on developments. Our priority is to restore service to normal operations with minimal disruption as soon as possible.

01:22 09/02/2024 We are going ahead with the re-load.
Due to the impact and severity of this issue, we've decided to escalate the priority to P2.

Locations impacted:
SDPCNTC - Portsmouth

Service and customer volumes impacted:
MPF: 621
Ethernet: 51

Below is a summary of our initial findings and next steps:

Once the reload has complete we'll update further if we have any developments a new plan.

We understand the impact this may have caused and appreciate your patience and understanding.

02:03 09/02/2024 We have reloaded the switch and it has recovered succesfully. All further devices at the site are also reachable.

?We're happy to report that service has remained stable and we'll now close this incident.

Start date:00:29 9th Feb 2024
End date:02:03 9th Feb 2024