INC000100660217 - P3 - Single Exchange - LSWWKM - West Wickham - Loss of Data Services - Backhaul Fl


Current Status:Closed
We identified an issue that impacted customer connectivity. Services have now recovered.

The backhaul to the exchange dropped and services moved over to the resilient link. There may have been a brief disruption whilst connectivity was restored across the alternate link.


LSWWKM - West Wickham

We understand the impact this may have caused and appreciate your patience and understanding.

WorkLog Submit Date : 01/02/2024 13:54:28

We're happy to report that service has remained stable and we'll now close this incident.

WorkLog Submit Date : 01/02/2024 14:02:50

Start date:14:06 1st Feb 2024
End date:14:06 1st Feb 2024