INC000100622710 Single Exchange - NILG - Lurgan - Partial loss of data services - Cablelink down


Current Status:Closed
We've identified an issue impacting customer connectivity.

Locations impacted:

Lurgan - NILG

Service and customer volumes impacted:


Below is a summary of our initial findings and next steps:

We have seen a network alarm for one of our interfaces dropping which is connected to a Openreach cablelink. Initial diagnostics indicate either a port fault or a cable fault. We are raising this out to Openreach and engaging our local field engineer.

We understand the impact this may have caused and appreciate your patience and understanding.

We have deployed our field personnel and escalated this issue to Openreach. We expect our engineer to arrive at the site around 11am. We are also waiting for a preliminary response from Openreach regarding the fault.
We're happy to report that service has been restored.

This morning at 08:28, we noticed that the interface had come back however the light intensity on our port was slightly off the expected value. We suspected that there might be some dirt or dust on the connectors or the port itself. We dispatched our engineer to inspect and clean the port and the connectors. After reinserting the port, we measured the light intensity again and found that it was within the acceptable range.

?We're happy to report that service has remained stable and we'll now close this incident.

WorkLog Submit Date : 18/11/2023 11:18:19

Start date:10:34 18th Nov 2023
End date:12:17 18th Nov 2023