INC000100621491 - P3 - Single Exchange - NIGVA - GARVAGH - Quality of voice and data services - Open


Current Status:Closed
We identified an issue that impacted customer connectivity. Services have now recovered.

An Openreach-provided dark fibre backhaul circuit was flapping, causing an issue with the quality of voice and data services to customers



Service and customer volumes:

Ethernet: 5

We understand the impact this may have caused and appreciate your patience and understanding.

WorkLog Submit Date : 16/11/2023 12:52:42

We're happy to report that service has been restored.

The circuit stabilised after around 40 minutes.

Checks on our network do not show an issue on our side. We cannot obtain an RFO (reason for outage) from Openreach as this is a dark fibre circuit.

We'll continue to monitor the impacted services and reopen the incident if there are further issues.

WorkLog Submit Date : 16/11/2023 12:55:58

Start date:12:58 16th Nov 2023
End date:12:58 16th Nov 2023