INC000100621309 - P3 - Single Exchange - LSPUR - Purley - Loss of Data - CSRI 1/24 failed state.


Current Status:Closed

We are investigating a disruption to service at LSPUR Exchange / Purley.

Fault Description: It has been identified that some customers connected to LSPUR exchange may experience loss of data service.

We are currently working to identify the root cause and implement the appropriate resolution.

Impact Type: PLOS

Impacted Area/Exchanges: LSPUR / Purley

Impact Numbers

MPF: 9

WorkLog Submit Date : 16/11/2023 10:27:18

TalkTalk engineers are currently on route to site. Another update will be provided following engineers investigations.

WorkLog Submit Date : 16/11/2023 13:21:59

We're happy to report that service has been restored.

Our field engineer has replaced a faulty card.

We'll continue to monitor the impacted services and reopen the incident if there are further issues.

WorkLog Submit Date : 16/11/2023 13:29:05
Start date:10:37 16th Nov 2023
End date:13:31 16th Nov 2023