INC000100620232 P3 Single Exchange - MYLS - Leeds - Loss of data services - Backhaul down


Current Status:Closed
We've identified an issue impacting customer connectivity.

Our initial analysis shows the issue is impacting service in Leeds - MYLS. We're currently working through the impact and issue and will look to provide more detail as soon as we have it.

We'll keep you informed and updated on developments. Our priority is

Next Update:14/11/2023 09:30:00

Following further analysis, we've determined that this incident is no longer required and will be cancelled due to the below reason: This is a none service impacting incident.

We apologise for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.

WorkLog Submit Date : 14/11/2023 08:31:38

Start date:06:19 14th Nov 2023
End date:08:40 14th Nov 2023