INC000100618747 - Single Exchange - myric - RICCALL - Quality of voice and data services


Current Status:Closed
TalkTalk Field Engineer has arrived at Riccall Exchange.

We have identified the switch is intermittently reporting errors and losing connection. We are going to replace the faulty switch. A brief outage will be observed during the new switch boot-up process.

TalkTalk Field Engineer has replaced faulty switch. Brief loss of Voice and Data services for 10mins during switch hardware replaced.

New switch loaded and Voice and Data showing stable connections.

WorkLog Submit Date : 10/11/2023 18:56:40

?We're happy to report that service has remained stable and we'll now close this incident.

WorkLog Submit Date : 10/11/2023 18:58:57

Start date:11:20 10th Nov 2023
End date:19:09 10th Nov 2023