Network maintenance: Upgrade IOS on llcgw07.thw and llcgw08.thw


Current Status:Closed
Outage:none, sessions will be re-routed via backup devices in Birmingham
Reason for the maintenance

To carry out maintenance work to perform firmware re-installation and upgrade on routers at Telehouse, London

Maintenance Window/Expected downtime

Start Time: 15 Nov 2023 00:00
End Time: 15 Nov 2023 06:00

Anticipated Downtime: none, sessions will be re-routed via backup devices in Birmingham

Affected services
Ethernet (TT), MPLS, FTTC (TT) via TalkTalk

Circuits affected:
TTB0299643 ALT050
EoFTTC1948 AME014
TTB0088343 ART054
TTB0081157 ASH034
TTB0377066 AUT035
TTB0078628 BAM004
TTB0297143 BCE001
TTB0671803 BEL056
TTB0359633 BOO038
EoFTTC3299 BOO038
EoFTTC3302 BOO038
EoFTTC3304 BOO038
TTB0359551 BOO038
EoFTTC3295 BOO038
EoFTTC3293 BOO038
EoFTTC3294 BOO038
TTB0418256 BOO038
EoFTTC3319 BOO038
EoFTTC3334 BOO038
TTB0359581 BOO038
TTB0418178 BOO038
TTB0418179 BOO038
TTB0359881 BOO038
EoFTTC3335 BOO038
EoFTTC3290 BOO038
EoFTTC3323 BOO038
EoFTTC3325 BOO038
EoFTTC3330 BOO038
EoFTTC3321 BOO038
TTB0345278 BOO038
TTB0408347 BOO038
TTB0408349 BOO038
TTB0407996 BOO038
TTB0408016 BOO038
EoFTTC3289 BOO038
EoFTTC3884 BOO038
TTB0418030 BOO038
TTB0418226 BOO038
EoFTTC3423 BOO038
EoFTTC3287 BOO038
EoFTTC3276 BOO038
EoFTTC3273 BOO038
EoFTTC3420 BOO038
EoFTTC4040 BPA001
EoFTTC4204 BPA001
TTB0343757 BRA114
TTB0343817 BRA114
TTB0343820 BRA114
TTB0343763 BRA114
TTB0343772 BRA114
TTB0343816 BRA114
TTB0343826 BRA114
TTB0343727 BRA114
TTB0343699 BRA114
TTB0343738 BRA114
TTB0343744 BRA114
TTB0343688 BRA114
TTB0343750 BRA114
TTB0343777 BRA114
TTB0343706 BRA114
TTB0343784 BRA114
TTB0418149 BRI106
TTB0578347 BRI106
EoFTTC2865 BRI106
TTB0357185 BRI106
TTB0360443 BRI106
TTB0346580 BRI215
TTB0096905 BRI215
TTB0343629 BRO107
TTB0343633 BRO107
TTB0343640 BRO107
TTB0671956 CAL240
TTB0671826 CAL243
TTB0671796 CAL243
TTB0360099 CHA243
TTB0372426 CHA243
EoFTTC4082 CHA243
TTB0297876 CON134
TTB0328995 COT032
EoFTTC2202 COT032
TTB0342723 CRH002
TTB0088321 DOR007
TTB0342904 DOR007
TTB0665439 DUN079
EoFTTC3185 DXN001
TTB0370140 DXN001
EoFTTC3982 DXN001
EoFTTC3777 DXN001
TTB0326233 DXN001
TTB0370854 DXN001
EoFTTC3227 DXN001
TTB0370881 DXN001
EoFTTC3836 DXN001
TTB0418322 DXN001
TTB0340918 DXN001
TTB0370936 DXN001
TTB0319437 ENC006
TTB0319442 ENC006
TTB0319535 ENC006
TTB0319444 ENC006
TTB0319439 ENC006
TTB0319526 ENC006
TTB0319435 ENC006
TTB0319432 ENC006
TTB0319425 ENC006
TTB0319614 EUR049
TTB0340491 EXC011
TTB0422640 FUL008
EoFTTC4261 FUL008
TTB0423745 FUL008
TTB0423067 FUL008
TTB0656633 GAM005
TTB0065277 GEN028
TTB0300342 GET004
TTB0298001 GET004
TTB0295020 GET004
TTB0065560 GLE009
TTB0065586 GLE009
TTB0065648 GLE009
TTB0065640 GLE009
EoFTTC1768 GRE098
EoFTTC2502 GRE098
EoFTTC1732 GRE098
EoFTTC1773 GRE098
EoFTTC1778 GRE098
EoFTTC1780 GRE098
EoFTTC1730 GRE098
EoFTTC1774 GRE098
EoFTTC1724 GRE098
EoFTTC3430 GRE098
EoFTTC1680 GRE098
EoFTTC1815 GRE098
EoFTTC1708 GRE098
EoFTTC2295 GRE098
EoFTTC1722 GRE098
EoFTTC1726 GRE098
EoFTTC1814 GRE098
EoFTTC2789 GRE098
TTB0319506 GRE098
EoFTTC1678 GRE098
EoFTTC2602 GRE098
TTB0343901 GRE098
TTB0092785 GRE098
EoFTTC8284 GRE098
EoFTTC1813 GRE098
EoFTTC1810 GRE098
EoFTTC1787 GRE098
EoFTTC1786 GRE098
EoFTTC1789 GRE098
EoFTTC1807 GRE098
EoFTTC1809 GRE098
EoFTTC1808 GRE098
EoFTTC1785 GRE098
EoFTTC1675 GRE098
EoFTTC1669 GRE098
EoFTTC1671 GRE098
EoFTTC1992 GRE098
EoFTTC1821 GRE098
EoFTTC1686 GRE098
TTB0317995 GRE098
TTB0321813 GRE098
EoFTTC1674 GRE098
TTB0375030 GRE098
EoFTTC2644 GRE098
EoFTTC1991 GRE098
EoFTTC3950 GWC003
TTB0414561 HAL053
TTB0094787 HAS017
TTB0370859 HAW006
TTB0355101 HAW006
TTB0669573 HER036
TTB0669642 HER036
TTB0088198 HER036
EoFTTC2220 HER044
EoFTTC2217 HER044
EoFTTC2150 HER044
EoFTTC4324 HOL097
EoFTTC3107 IBS002
TTB0279523 IBS002
TTB0577109 ICE008
TTB0080377 INI009
TTB0080373 INI009
TTB0297230 KER013
TTB0665283 KIN048
TTB0088703 KUO001
TTB0088702 KUO001
TTB0079419 KUO001
TTB0669056 KUO001
TTB0088623 KUO001
TTB0088619 KUO001
TTB0088626 KUO001
TTB0088706 KUO001
TTB0088709 KUO001
TTB0088625 KUO001
EoFTTC2270 LYC001
TTB0326215 LYC001
TTB0068816 MED026
TTB0341420 MIC057
TTB0363154 MIC057
TTB0341521 MIC057
TTB0410197 MIC057
TTB0352357 MOR092
TTB0342914 MOR092
TTB0309340 NEX019
TTB0277714 NEX019
TTB0277697 NEX019
TTB0276094 NEX019
TTB0277711 NEX019
TTB0276058 NEX019
EoFTTC699 NEX019
TTB0277234 NEX019
TTB0267390 NEX019
TTB0267389 NEX019
TTB0267425 NEX019
TTB0267426 NEX019
TTB0267519 NEX019
TTB0275988 NEX019
TTB0276408 NEX019
EoFTTC619 NEX019
EoFTTC646 NEX019
TTB0279078 NEX019
EoFTTC704 NEX019
EoFTTC784 NEX019
EoFTTC787 NEX019
TTB0277802 NEX019
TTB0277828 NEX019
TTB0277744 NEX019
TTB0277724 NEX019
TTB0277739 NEX019
TTB0277741 NEX019
TTB0267415 NEX019
TTB0267361 NEX019
TTB0267388 NEX019
TTB0267366 NEX019
TTB0267358 NEX019
TTB0366340 NEX019
TTB0343957 NEX019
TTB0267364 NEX019
TTB0267392 NEX019
TTB0273753 NEX019
TTB0249667 NEX019
TTB0267461 NEX019
TTB0267549 NEX019
TTB0267423 NEX019
TTB0668784 NEX019
TTB0309548 NEX019
TTB0267274 NEX019
TTB0267130 NEX019
TTB0267278 NEX019
TTB0267351 NEX019
TTB0267284 NEX019
TTB0364341 NEX019
TTB0276556 NEX019
TTB0341789 NEX019
TTB0293673 NEX019
TTB0276649 NEX019
TTB0276651 NEX019
TTB0657973 NEX019
TTB0344057 ORE014
TTB0341428 OUT009
TTB0341409 OUT009
TTB0357967 OUT009
TTB0581595 PAR180
EoFTTC2283 PLU003
EoFTTC2159 PLU003
TTB0318606 PLU003
TTB0297565 PLU003
EoFTTC2154 PLU003
TTB0077646 SAF018
TTB0088056 SAF018
TTB0079895 SAF018
TTB0077649 SAF018
TTB0079873 SAF018
TTB0077712 SAF018
TTB0080292 SAF018
TTB0078775 SCO054
TTB0668794 SHE076
TTB0668150 SHE076
TTB0668325 SHE076
TTB0088628 SIS004
TTB0360675 SOU104
TTB0341033 THE083
EoFTTC6597 THE394
EoFTTC6283 THE394
EoFTTC4548 THE394
EFM0068792 TUR033
TTB0582259 TUR033
TTB0064092 TUR033
TTB0065166 TUR033
TTB0076615 TUR033
TTB0065735 TUR036
TTB0336176 TUR099
TTB0333706 UNI122
TTB0333674 UNI122
EoFTTC2434 VET028
EoFTTC2438 VET028
EoFTTC6287 VET028
EoFTTC2493 VET028
EoFTTC2432 VET028
EoFTTC2442 VET028
EoFTTC2446 VET028
EoFTTC2461 VET028
EoFTTC3920 WIL187
TTB0358211 WIN053
TTB0358217 WIN053
TTB0358281 WIN053
TTB0358482 WIN053

Affected areas:

We do apologise for the inconvenience that this maintenance might cause.
Should you have any questions in relation to the above maintenance please contact or Tel: 0845 456 6541

09:17 16/11/2023 Work completed

Start date:00:00 15th Nov 2023
End date:06:00 15th Nov 2023