Network maintenance: Upgrade IOS on llcgw03.thw and llcgw04.thw


Current Status:Closed
Outage:none, sessions will be re-routed via backup devices in Birmingham
Reason for the maintenance

To carry out maintenance work to perform firmware re-installation and upgrade on routers at Telehouse, London

Maintenance Window/Expected downtime

Start Time: 14 Nov 2023 00:00
End Time: 14 Nov 2023 06:00

Anticipated Downtime: none, sessions will be re-routed via backup devices in Birmingham

Affected services
Ethernet (TT), MPLS, FTTC (TT) via TalkTalk

Circuits affected:
TTB0360718 ASL003
TTB0360710 ASL003
TTB0055575 AUT035
TTB0031227 BAM004
TTB0031248 BAM004
TTB0031487 BAM004
TTB0060828 BIG011
EoFTTC3415 BOO038
EoFTTC3279 BOO038
EoFTTC3426 BOO038
EoFTTC3513 BOO038
EoFTTC3297 BOO038
TTB0359570 BOO038
EoFTTC3277 BOO038
TTB0406693 BOO038
EoFTTC4057 BOO038
TTB0406712 BOO038
EoFTTC3803 BOO038
TTB0413320 BOO038
EoFTTC3269 BOO038
TTB0418240 BOO038
EoFTTC3414 BOO038
EoFTTC3317 BOO038
EoFTTC3339 BOO038
EoFTTC3338 BOO038
EoFTTC3336 BOO038
EoFTTC3341 BOO038
TTB0417931 BOO038
TTB0412863 BOO038
TTB0418173 BOO038
EoFTTC3332 BOO038
EoFTTC3329 BOO038
EoFTTC3316 BOO038
EoFTTC3313 BOO038
EoFTTC3307 BOO038
EoFTTC3320 BOO038
EoFTTC3328 BOO038
EoFTTC3324 BOO038
EoFTTC4333 BPA001
EoFTTC4038 BPA001
EoFTTC4334 BPA001
EoFTTC6862 BPA001
TTB0343756 BRA114
TTB0343822 BRA114
TTB0343828 BRA114
TTB0343762 BRA114
TTB0343754 BRA114
TTB0416655 BRA114
TTB0343787 BRA114
TTB0343827 BRA114
TTB0343773 BRA114
TTB0343778 BRA114
EoFTTC6208 BRI106
TTB0357318 BRI106
TTB0423276 BRI106
TIS037382 BRI215
TIS028467 BRI215
TTB0013276 BRI215
TTB0018934 BRI215
TIS037378 BRI215
TTB0343567 BRO107
TTB0343606 BRO107
TTB0343636 BRO107
TTB0668845 CAL240
TTB0441372 CHO022
TTB0013269 COO045
TTB0019703 COR058
TTB0328974 COT032
TTB0328989 COT032
EoFTTC2200 COT032
EoFTTC2203 COT032
EoFTTC2205 COT032
TTB0342733 CRH002
TTB0002053 DOR007
TTB0007715 DOR007
TTB0002056 DOR007
TTB0341737 DXN001
EoFTTC3180 DXN001
TTB0370796 DXN001
TTB0371078 DXN001
TTB0343522 ENC006
TTB0319438 ENC006
TTB0319430 ENC006
TTB0319554 ENC006
TTB0319537 ENC006
TTB0319532 ENC006
TTB0319443 ENC006
TTB0295668 EUR049
TTB0328755 EUR049
EoFTTC6194 EUR049
TTB0657286 EXC011
TTB0657346 EXC011
EoFTTC4260 FUL008
TTB0400029 GAR044
TTB0065641 GLE009
EoFTTC3433 GRE098
EoFTTC3408 GRE098
EoFTTC3432 GRE098
TTB0319509 GRE098
TTB0343902 GRE098
EoFTTC2716 GRE098
TTB0056712 HAW006
TTB0423633 HOL097
TTB0423691 HOL097
EoFTTC4363 HOR029
TTB0358216 IBS002
TTB0659037 ICE008
EoFTTC5593 ICE008
TTB0659041 ICE008
TTB0655995 ICE008
TTB0342015 IMI004
EoFTTC6068 KIN058
TTB0059056 KUO001
TTB0059059 KUO001
TTB0059288 KUO001
TTB0059062 KUO001
TTB0326171 LYC001
TTB0326174 LYC001
TTB0337259 LYC001
TTB0363156 MIC057
TTB0008258 MIL057
TTB0008263 MIL057
TTB0013311 MIL057
TTB0008761 MIL057
TTB0266842 NEX019
TTB0266901 NEX019
TTB0267134 NEX019
TTB0370921 NEX019
TTB0235450 NEX019
TTB0266694 NEX019
EoFTTC519 NEX019
TTB0266773 NEX019
TTB0279080 NEX019
TTB0360211 NEX019
TTB0408336 NEX019
TTB0360140 NEX019
TTB0277719 NEX019
TTB0249802 NEX019
TTB0267203 NEX019
TTB0267061 NEX019
TTB0341426 OUT009
TTB0581527 PAR180
TTB0343547 SCH028
TTB0343485 SCH028
TTB0428442 SCO054
TTB0668142 SHE076
TTB0668151 SHE076
TTB0563306 SIL022
TTB0357000 SIS004
TTB0420685 SIS004
TTB0008135 SIS004
TTB0442330 THE394
TTB0388235 TUR099
EoFTTC3057 VET028
TTB0467559 WHI101
TTB0363477 WIL187
EoFTTC3238 WIL187
TTB0358312 WIN053
TTB0361411 WIN053
TTB0359732 WIN053
TTB0660396 YOU036

Affected areas:

We do apologise for the inconvenience that this maintenance might cause.
Should you have any questions in relation to the above maintenance please contact or Tel: 0845 456 6541

09:44 15/11/2023 Work completed

Start date:00:00 14th Nov 2023
End date:06:00 14th Nov 2023