4 x core TTB circuits down


Current Status:Closed
Due to 3rd party power works 4 x core circuits affecting links between London and Milton Keynes, Birmingham, Manchester and Corsham have gone dowm at 09:00. We're working with the hardware vendor to get the links back up.

This is not customer affecting as there are alternate primary circuits and back up links. This means there is less redundancy than normal. Customer may have experienced packet loss at at 09:00 white some traffic automatically moved away from the affected circuits.

12:15 08/04/2021 This fault due to a hardware fault after 3rd party power works. We're sourcing replacement spares as quickly as possible along with our ssuppliers

11:36 09/04/2021 Circuits were restored last evening and has been stable for 11 hours.

Start date:09:25 7th Apr 2021
End date:11:36 9th Apr 2021