13773876 - Some business customers connecting to Salisbury exchange may be experiencing a loss of da


Current Status:Closed
Latest Update
Service has been temporarily restored. Our field engineers are currently on route to the affected exchange to investigate an unstable uplink between switches. ETA approx. 20:00

Date Created - 31/03/2021 16:51:02
Incident Duration - 0 day(s) 1 hour(s) 27 minute(s).
Service Affecting Status - Incident is Service Affecting.
Service Affecting Duration - 0 day(s) 3 hour(s) 38 minute(s).
Tickets Raised to Date: 0

Technical / Suspected Root Cause
Root cause has not currently been identified.

The next update will follow on Wednesday 31 March at 20:30 or upon receipt of further information.
Start date:17:14 31st Mar 2021
End date:21:23 31st Mar 2021