Network maintenance: Hitchin (CRQ000000089441)


Current Status:Open
Outage:1.0 hrs
Reason for the maintenance

To carry out maintenance work to replace equipment at Hitchin exchange.

Maintenance Window/Expected downtime

Start Time: 07 May 2021 00:01
End Time: 07 May 2021 06:00

Anticipated Downtime: 1.0 hrs

Affected services
Ethernet (TT), DSL (TT), FTTC (TT) via TalkTalk

Circuits affected:
TTB0739482 CON134
EoFTTC13152 EUR049
TTB0363123 HIT025
TTB0844199 NAT066
TTB0018930 OBG001
EoFTTC19471 OBG002
EoFTTC5945 OPT048
EoFTTC16510 SHE091
EoFTTC13786 THE552
TTB0853412 THO048
TTB0841966 VAC004

Affected areas:

We do apologise for the inconvenience that this maintenance might cause.
Should you have any questions in relation to the above maintenance please contact or Tel: 0845 456 6541

Start date:00:01 7th May 2021
End date:06:00 7th May 2021