Network maintenance: Multiple sites (CRQ000000089340)


Current Status:Closed
Outage:0.5 hrs
Reason for the maintenance

To carry out maintenance work to carry out firmware upgrades on metro network switches, multiple sites affected.

Maintenance Window/Expected downtime

Start Time: 16 Apr 2021 00:05
End Time: 16 Apr 2021 06:00

Anticipated Downtime: 0.5 hrs

Affected services
Ethernet (TT), DSL (TT), FTTC (TT) via TalkTalk

Circuits affected:
TIS038216 ANT022
TTB0343730 AVE007
TTB0821399 BEC015
TTB0577070 BET016
EoFTTC16342 BET021
EoFTTC19984 BET021
EoFTTC16891 BET021
EoFTTC19262 BET021
EoFTTC20083 BET021
TTB0871529 CGW001
TTB0542922 CGW001
TTB0866842 CIT065
EoFTTC8275 CIT065
EoFTTC10926 CON134
EoFTTC6290 CON134
TIS037376 COO044
TTB0771830 DJM002
TTB0823017 ECO012
EoFTTC6306 EDI017
TIS033691 EXA005
TTB0722646 GAL035
EoFTTC20230 GLA038
TIS037082 GOT007
TTB0394778 HAY030
EoFTTC20893 IPS002
TTB0803986 JBG001
TIS038121 JMF001
TTB0120252 KEN072
TTB0294701 KIN054
EoFTTC11564 KIN054
EoFTTC14773 MAC070
EoFTTC12308 MAL034
TTB0731314 MON029
TTB0811854 MRA012
TTB0294922 NOR176
TTB0832830 NOR223
TIS030196 PAL016
EoFTTC5808 PAR180
TIS036736 QUA053
TIS036353 SAM022
EoFTTC16101 SHE091
EoFTTC17279 SHE091
EoFTTC17032 SHE091
TTB0277221 SIL027
TTB0229017 SMA020
TTB0003160 SMA020
EoFTTC9969 STU052
TTB0865996 TAP003
TTB0225427 THE288
EoFTTC16748 THE588
TTB0857014 THE598
TTB0781275 THO102
TTB0850403 TUN008
TTB0874367 TUN009
TTB0730136 WIL203
TTB0778792 WOR077
EoFTTC6752 YOU036
EoFTTC7036 YOU036

Affected areas:
Paddock Wood
Tunbridge Wells

We do apologise for the inconvenience that this maintenance might cause.
Should you have any questions in relation to the above maintenance please contact or Tel: 0845 456 6541

08:09 12/04/2021 Work cancelled - may be rescheduled

Start date:00:05 16th Apr 2021
End date:06:00 16th Apr 2021