Network maintenance: Multiple sites (CRQ000000087878)


Current Status:Closed
Outage:0.5 hrs
Reason for the maintenance

To carry out maintenance work to carry out firmware upgrades on metro network switches, multiple sites affected.

Maintenance Window/Expected downtime

Start Time: 29 Mar 2021 00:05
End Time: 29 Mar 2021 06:00

Anticipated Downtime: 0.5 hrs

Affected services
Ethernet (TT), DSL (TT), FTTC (TT) via TalkTalk

Circuits affected:
TTB0829035 AER017
TTB0777593 AER017
TTB0889332 AES005
TTB0801515 AKS001
TTB0870519 AKZ002
TTB0825309 ALA031
TTB0865105 ALE031
EoFTTC10579 ALM006
TTB0730722 AME026
TIS035107 AMT004
EoFTTC20504 AND095
TTB0287748 AND095
TTB0859283 AND095
EoFTTC19826 AND095
TTB0287767 AND095
TTB0802903 APL026
TTB0656497 ART059
TTB0554934 ART059
TTB0784406 ATT007
TTB0815092 AUT078
EoFTTC5106 AVA010
EoFTTC5501 AVA011
TIS035009 BAI016
TTB0786421 BEE019
TTB0864521 BES021
TTB0840753 BES021
EoFTTC16851 BET021
EoFTTC19685 BEU002
TTB0832868 BIG011
TTB0812947 BLU064
TTB0409934 BOO039
TTB0821918 BRA125
TIS028450 BRI215
TIS028457 BRI215
TIS028456 BRI215
TTB0862951 BRU029
TTB0783454 BUN007
TTB0746791 BUR146
TTB0782689 BUR163
TTB0878718 CAL240
TTB0728744 CAR136
TTB0812275 CAR249
EoFTTC13989 CEN100
TTB0078930 CGR001
TTB0717560 CHA261
TTB0738995 CHA263
TTB0651895 CHO020
TTB0774034 CIT069
TTB0400740 CIV004
TTB0416917 CIV004
TTB0877143 COF007
TTB0717450 CON134
TTB0765541 CON202
EoFTTC15435 CRE057
TTB0815513 CRI009
TTB0139083 DEL037
TTB0732091 DEL048
TTB0804486 DER027
TTB0730462 DES050
EoFTTC8256 DES050
TTB0740838 DIR044
TTB0374675 DOC010
TTB0784716 DOW024
TTB0872703 DRO009
TTB0288906 DTE003
TTB0880405 EIP001
TTB0319435 ENC006
EoFTTC14213 EUR049
TTB0746056 EVE054
TTB0657343 EXC011
TTB0341897 EXC011
TTB0672382 FIN068
EoFTTC2725 FIR083
TTB0856022 FOO007
EoFTTC5805 FUL008
TTB0733723 GAL036
TTB0228586 GLE009
TTB0276858 GRE121
TTB0725365 GRE121
TTB0801158 GRE138
TTB0415567 HAL053
TTB0669642 HER036
TTB0462534 HGS002
TTB0885520 HOL124
TTB0784608 HOM037
TTB0341183 IGA001
TTB0569830 IME005
TTB0344019 IMI005
TTB0308901 INT222
TTB0783037 IPR001
TTB0097492 IPR001
EoFTTC10200 JUN008
TTB0779292 KAN007
TTB0343797 KEL045
TTB0266925 KIN048
TTB0665283 KIN048
EoFTTC18436 LEA042
TTB0831555 LIV020
TTB0847007 LOC080
TTB0815202 LON208
EoFTTC300 LOV014
EoFTTC7753 LOV014
EoFTTC8192 LOV014
TTB0778751 LUC017
TTB0097110 MAN059
EoFTTC7099 MAN085
TTB0871781 MAN097
TTB0634398 MAR194
TTB0840940 MAR215
TTB0877017 MIN034
TTB0806892 MIX002
TIS033271 MOG006
TTB0836037 MOG010
TTB0778268 MOG010
TTB0825082 MON056
TTB0372176 MPM003
TTB0878956 MRC011
TTB0790900 MUL032
TTB0734087 NAT064
TTB0812611 NET047
TTB0887640 NEX019
TTB0887335 NEX019
TTB0549212 NOR191
TTB0854262 NOR228
TTB0840030 OPE024
TTB0782315 ORE014
TTB0124509 ORE014
TTB0730730 PAY016
TIS037529 PEA015
TTB0225755 PHA013
TTB0851459 PHI059
TTB0065742 PHO026
TTB0812022 PLC002
TTB0668807 POR053
TTB0832196 POR053
EoFTTC15323 RAC017
TTB0831525 REG044
TTB0808787 REG044
TTB0783555 REG044
TTB0803738 REG044
TTB0803609 REG044
TTB0837411 REG044
TTB0881443 REN033
TIS035036 RIN007
TTB0811450 ROB103
TTB0810845 ROB103
TTB0848968 ROE005
TTB0766012 ROM016
TTB0685721 ROT051
TTB0804698 RTS004
TTB0857623 SAK002
TTB0846035 SAK002
TIS037071 SEA041
EoFTTC17870 SHE091
EoFTTC18127 SHE091
EoFTTC17859 SHE091
EoFTTC17734 SHE091
EoFTTC20263 SHE091
EoFTTC18429 SHE091
EoFTTC20557 SHE091
TTB0680442 SHO038
TTB0826168 SIE017
TTB0830510 SIE017
TTB0825919 SIE017
TTB0825625 SIE017
EoFTTC16526 SMA037
EoFTTC11170 SOC009
TTB0862363 SOL084
TIS035004 SOU005
TTB0813815 SQU021
TTB0400014 STJ015
TTB0649881 STJ019
TTB0804104 SUP095
EoFTTC12732 SYS072
TIS037798 TMC003
TIS034028 TOR006
TIS038672 TUR032
TIS036480 TUS002
TTB0813639 UKH002
TTB0455917 UTI010
TTB0458862 UTI010
TTB0831737 VID006
TIS035964 VOD009
TIS035951 VOD009
TTB0772460 WAD012
TTB0464426 WHI101
TTB0748531 WHI101
TIS038534 WIL171
TTB0833306 WIL216
TTB0850103 WIL222
TTB0714810 WOR073
TIS038101 YOU031
TTB0821234 YOU036
EoFTTC7706 YOU036
EoFTTC7989 YOU036
EoFTTC8173 YOU036
EoFTTC6911 YOU036

Affected areas:
Combe Down
Hesketh Bank
Limpley Stoke
Manchester Central

We do apologise for the inconvenience that this maintenance might cause.
Should you have any questions in relation to the above maintenance please contact or Tel: 0845 456 6541

10:57 30/03/2021 Work completed.

Start date:00:05 29th Mar 2021
End date:06:00 29th Mar 2021