Network maintenance: Kettering (CRQ000000088436)


Current Status:Closed
Outage:5.0 hrs
Reason for the maintenance

To carry out maintenance work to repair damaged infrastructure cabling in Kettering.

Maintenance Window/Expected downtime

Start Time: 26 Mar 2021 01:00
End Time: 26 Mar 2021 06:00

Anticipated Downtime: 5.0 hrs

Affected services
Ethernet (TT), DSL (TT), FTTC (TT) via TalkTalk

Circuits affected:
TTB0838745 ARC055
TTB0551106 AST024
TIS035032 AUT035
EoFTTC16265 BET021
EoFTTC16371 BET021
EoFTTC16812 BET021
EoFTTC5828 CON134
EoFTTC7962 CON134
TTB0804786 CWG001
TTB0000703 ELM013
TTB0668825 IKE100
TTB0355022 JMJ001
TTB0233795 MAX024
TTB0572504 NEW115
TIS034339 NOR148
TTB0000708 NOR155
TTB0405699 PEA039
TTB0649871 PLA052
TTB0822355 SHA120
TTB0822196 SHA120
EoFTTC20510 SHE091
TTB0885084 SHE091
EoFTTC17187 SHE091
EoFTTC18227 SHE091
TTB0889185 VBI001

Affected areas:
Great Oakley

We do apologise for the inconvenience that this maintenance might cause.
Should you have any questions in relation to the above maintenance please contact or Tel: 0845 456 6541

12:07 29/03/2021 Work completed.

Start date:01:00 26th Mar 2021
End date:06:00 26th Mar 2021