Network maintenance: Aberdeen (CRQ000000087836)


Current Status:Closed
Outage: 60 Minutes
Reason for the maintenance

To carry out maintenance work to carry out hardware upgrade which fixes some bugs and adds features on network edge device in Aberdeen.

Maintenance Window/Expected downtime

Start Time: 07 Apr 2021 00:05
End Time: 07 Apr 2021 06:00

Anticipated Downtime: 60 Minutes

Affected services
Ethernet (TT), DSL (TT), FTTC (TT) via TalkTalk

Circuits affected:
TIS037921 ABE012
TTB0444084 ABE018
EoFTTC14312 ABE020
EoFTTC14917 ACC038
TIS034469 ADD010
EoFTTC13193 ATH009
TIS031410 BIG011
TTB0116305 BIG011
TTB0673192 BOO038
TTB0096905 BRI215
TTB0749681 CAD012
TTB0669119 CEN093
TTB0857616 CLA137
EoFTTC8548 COL095
TTB0806092 CRA065
TTB0782824 DEE012
EoFTTC3969 DMD001
TTB0862825 DNV004
TTB0094782 ENE009
TTB0873850 EYG001
TTB0873851 EYG001
TTB0067351 FER048
TTB0856500 FIV003
TTB0780823 FUR013
EoFTTC9086 GAL035
EoFTTC14394 GAV018
EoFTTC10373 GEN038
TIS037217 HAL068
TIS037265 HAL068
TTB0713377 HFE001
TTB0357428 HOL085
EoFTTC5455 HUN031
TTB0866928 IFI001
TTB0871999 IFI001
TIS034030 IND018
TTB0730617 JAM064
TTB0374682 JOH122
TTB0816417 JWH001
TTB0717208 KEY032
TTB0139108 KUO001
TTB0649491 MMI001
TTB0852533 MMI001
TTB0831905 MOR116
TTB0845021 NIM005
TTB0845020 NIM005
TIS031559 PAR178
TTB0577059 PDI001
TTB0871945 PET076
TTB0872049 PET076
TTB0872113 PET076
EoFTTC13113 POR056
TTB0000846 RET013
TTB0402305 SBP002
EoFTTC14617 SFF002
TTB0864186 SIE009
TTB0769944 SKN001
TTB0807123 SPR021
TTB0731613 SPR021
TTB0882301 SUB009
TIS035899 SUR038
TTB0407863 SYN036
TIS038160 THE196
TTB0812407 THE553
TTB0816258 THE560
TIS029818 THI012
EoFTTC9556 TOW033
TIS035771 TRI043
TTB0065735 TUR036
TIS038583 VIK008
EoFTTC7475 YOU036

Affected areas:
Aberdeen Ashgrove
Aberdeen Denburn
Aberdeen Lochnagar

We do apologise for the inconvenience that this maintenance might cause.
Should you have any questions in relation to the above maintenance please contact or Tel: 0845 456 6541

Start date:00:05 7th Apr 2021
End date:06:00 7th Apr 2021